updated 8/9/2004
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Photos courtesy of Laura Cooper, Michael Bentley

The Glenfarclas Cup displayed against a background of the two NCCC jerseys. For action photos go here

THE GLEN FARCLAS CUP (7 August 2004)
Monterey Scottish Games at Toro Park (Salinas, California)
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The first Cup Match held between two US Shinty teams took place on 7 August 2004 at the Monterey Scottish Games! The Glenfarclas Cup (sponsored by Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch Whisky) was won by The Northern California Camanachd Club (NCCC) after a hard fought game with the newly formed San Luis Obispo Shinty Club (SLOSC), by a final score of 2 - 1. Youth seemed to rule the day as Ford Lawson (aged 16) scored both first half goals for the NCCC side and Jason Paterson (aged 17) put the SLOSC side on the board in the second half. The scoring ran somewhat counter to the possession and ball movement, with the SLOSC side exerting more pressure in the first half and the NCCC threatening in the second half.

The match began with Aaron Shaw (piper and co-founder of the Wicked Tinkers as well as one of the pre-NCCC shinty group) leading the teams onto the pitch. Game time temperatures pushed 90°F and spectators clustered under the trees lining the field. While the pitch may have owed more to shinty's history as a cross country community event (it was a bit rough and irregular), the play aspired to all the rules and athletic prowess of the modern sport as played in Scotland today. Both teams exhibited skills in all aspects of the game and made this Cup game very competitive.

In the end a great time was had by all, and the silver quaich of the Glenfarclas Cup was filled and refilled many times after the match as both teams celebrated this historic event!

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The Northern California Camanachd Club (white/blue/grey bands) and the San Luis Obispo Shinty Club (red/white stripes) after the first US Shinty Cup Match!