2011 Sixes League Openers this Weekend

Northern California Camanachd begins it's 2011 Sixes League fixtures this coming Sunday! This will be the fourth year the Bay Area league has held competitions and this year the schedule has been expanded from four fixture sets to six fixture sets. Each set consists of three games with each of the three NCC teams playing one another, so by the end of the season the squads will have played 12 matches.

"We will be introducing a new team this season with the three-time champion Hooligans withdrawing due to personnel problems," former Hooligans captain Bruce Norris explains. "We're calling them the Misfits for the moment, and they'll jump in with both feet at the first fixture set!"

With the past champs out of the race the North Bay Rovers look to move to the top of the table, though the South Bay Bears will have certainly have a say in the matter as they will be fielding a strong side this weekend with Navy Corpsman Julius Talyansky home on leave and back on the pitch with his Bear teammates.

"It's a year of change for the league," observes NCC President Michael Bentley, "but that offers an exciting opportunity for the competitions this season. I think the intensity will provide some great shinty here in the Bay Area!"

The matches will be played at Burlingame High School on Sunday (3/27/2011), with the first throw-up at about 12:30PM.