San Mateo Hooligans reassert themselves in second fixture set

4/25/2010 - Today the San Mateo Hooligans donned their new uniforms and reasserted their dominance in the Northern California Camanachd Sixes League. With two wins they pulled clear of the slumping North Bay Rovers at the top the league table. The South Bay Bears showed played on the day splitting their matches and showing great energy and imaginative passing in the process.

With temperatures on the field climbing towards 90, the Bay Area was enjoying summer weather for the first time after an extended bout with winter rains. The last storms even brought hail to Northern California, not a common event in April, or any other time of the year for that matter. The sun shone brighter on some than others, but everyone enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.

Julius Talyansky, erstwhile Navy Corpsman, returned home for his final matches before his deployment to Afghanistan. And scoring in each of the Bears games he definitely made an impression!

But the story of the day was the confident passing and consistent pressure that the Hooligans put on both of their opponents, netting five goals over two matches and pulling free of their tie atop the NCC Sixes League. Some suggested that the new uniforms, a "merlot" colour instead of green/gold, were responsible for the new energy, but whatever the source the San Mateo side's play was too strong for their opponents.

On the downside, the Rovers' Kang Wei Chou suffered a hand injury that took him off the field and to the Emergency Room. His brave defending and tireless movement was missed and the Rovers found themselves on the losing end of both matches.

Looking ahead, the next fixture set is set to move from late May to mid-June to accommodate the Memorial Day weekend. At the halfway point the league title is still up for grabs, but it will take a stout effort to overcome the San Mateo side as they seem to have hit their midseason form. (MRB)

Rovers 0
Hooligans 3 (Jim Buatti-2, Hermann Baer)

Hooligans 2 (Hermann Baer, Clark Lawson)
Bears 1 (Julius Talyansky)

Bears 1 (Julius Talyansky)
Rovers 0

San Mateo Hooligans 3 1 0
North Bay Rovers 1 1 2
South Bay Bears 1 0 3