Hogmanay Shinty Kicks Off NCC's 10th Year!

Northern California Camanachd kicked off it's 10th year with a Hogmanay shinty match on the beach in Half Moon Bay. The New Years Day weather was windy and a bit chilly, but after the match got under way players found themselves plenty warm, and the rain held off until after the match was completed. Four 15 minutes "halfs" were played, and thanks to a strong showing in the final period the Blue side managed a comeback victory 6-5 over the White shirts.

The blue and white shirts worn for this match are a throwback to the club's original strips, worn during the first few years of NCC's public appearances.

The Northern California Camanachd calendar begins in earnest in late February, and the club is looking forward not only to it's Fourth Sixes League season, but to a return to Scotland in September.

A small selection of photos from the beach match can be seen via Facebook, more photos will be added to the website soon. (MRB 1/10/2010)