Are you missing shinty now that the season is over?

With the Northern California Camanachd shinty season finished, here are a few shinty video links to tide you over until the next hit-about.
  • Highlights of the scoring from this year's 1st leg of the Shinty v. Hurling which was played at Croke Park in Dublin. Read the match report and click on the video link at the top right of the article to view highlights. Keep an eye out for the tackle which broke Gary's nose, and for the following scenes of the bandaged Gary scoring!

    Shinty/Hurling Highlights

  • If the highlights whetted your appetite for more Shinty v. Hurling, you can watch all of the match from Croke Park. The video has been divided up into segments and posted to YouTube, links follow below. In Irish Gaelic.
    1. Shinty/Hurling Preview
    2. 1st Half - 1/3
    3. 1st Half - 2/3
    4. 1st Half - 3/3
    5. Halftime
    6. 2nd Half - 1/3
    7. 2nd Half - 2/3
    8. 2nd Half - 3/3

  • Still more Shinty v. Hurling can be found, this item featuring some of our Skye friends (both Eoghan Stewart and Donnie Martin are interviewed). From BBC Alba, a story about the All-Gaelic Shinty v. Hurling that was played in Portree on Skye this year.

    BBC Alba reports on the All-Gaelic Shinty/Hurling (in Scots Gaelic)

  • And finally. a great feature on our friend Gary Innes from earlier in the year, presented on the UK programme TransWorld Sport. In English.

    TransWorld Sport feature on Gary Innes

(MRB 11/16/2010)